High-performance BIGHEAD vest outerwear.‎

Only for our friends.

BIGHEAD vest provide core warmth during high-output activities,
and keeps core body temperature balanced

Practial and functional vests for outdoor activities

Our vest helps you stay warm during colder climate.
And provides extra layer protection for outdoor activities.



Superior Material

Thermal-PC® keeps core body temperate balanced because special construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat.

Advanced performance textiles are manufactures in High-Tech facilities in USA. These fabrics represent the state of the art
in insulation fabrics and include surface textures like herringbone, tweed, nailhead, cobble cloth, ripstop, corduroy, cable knit,
rib sweater knits and even honeycomb patterns.

T-PC® Material doesn’t add weight or bulk, and never washes or wears out. It doesn’t pill also.

This highly Breathable Thermal-PC® Fabric has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.
You stay toasty without feeling bulky. Fabric feels soft and keeps you warm like wool.
Breathes wonderfully during sports activity and dries quickly.

Order vest for Free – No Cost

This applies only for our friends and our partners.
Because is custom made by hand this vest otherwise would cost you 110 $.
You can check similar vest here and get a feeling what to expect …

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